The Buzz

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 11.25.49 AM

Now there are those who run from the curse of Matt Landry and there are those who embrace it. This crew is trying to exorcize it. The film marks another first in film festival history: the first remake. James Elwood rewrote his brother’s old screenplay and is attempting to do what Matt Landry could not—win an award.  The script is very funny (and to be honest very far removed from the original) but the key to making this film work will be the acting. For this movie James teams up with Evan both in front and behind the camera. The two work very well together and are two of the film festival’s most natural actors. So far, this studio crew has run into the most problems with keeping on schedule. But they seem unfazed and are confident that they will get it done. The Buzz is at a low hum right now but if there is a sleeper studio film, this would be the one. 

Buzz Analysis: A Tall Frappuccino, no whipped cream.


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