Full Swing

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 11.26.38 AM

So we’re pretty much in full swing right now. And, as the fella says, “Fuller the swing, fuller the problems.” We’ve been experiencing some sleepy hallway-esque audio problems, and thanks to them, we can fix the problem right away. We feel that these problems are only compensation for how awesome our other scenes are. It’s karma. But not the movie Karma… The movie’s In the Red. Oh, and Lucia’s dad should have a starring role next year. It’ll be weird because he’s not a student, and his daughter will have graduated, but it’ll all work out, because he’s awesome. He came in to help us out with our scene, as a favor, and pretty much rocked out right in front of us. Nailed EVERY line. His scene is sure to be a hit. 


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