First day of shooting

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 11.22.58 AM

Today was the first day of shooting that will make it to the final cut. Me (evan) and james worked pretty well together and did not seem to be all that rusty having not been in front of the camera for some time. The tackle scene which we shot two days ago was shot again today giving james a few more bruises than was intended or necessary probably. The whole steady cam situation seems to be worked out and merrigan is doing very well working with it. We are getting many different angles for almost every line giving us a lot of variety when it comes to editing as to which we should use. Molly has turned out to be a huge asset because she has kept us on track and made sure we did everything. She makes up for the lack of attention to detail that me james and merrigan have. Overall I say we will definatelty be shooting for best picture fo sho.


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