Can Nick Swardson’s publicist find this blog?

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 11.25.09 AM

This Blog is not only a method of filling you in on the progress of our movie, but also a challenge to Nick Swardson’s publicist. We’ve made lots of progress since my last blog. This time, we’ve filmed things! First off, Pete Katsaros is the man, and TWICE the Greek that Lee Kazis could ever dream of being. We just finished a scene with him that is of great importance to the movie. Yesterday, we filmed the scene that was probably my favorite to write. It involves not only jokes about over politically correct teachers, but also Asians. (no jokes featured about politically correct Asians) Also, I came up with a name for my co-star/co-director and I. James and Evan will now have our titles be “DirActors.” And we’re pretty much here to out-handsome the competition. So good luck, Nick Swardson’s publicist. You’ll need it.


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